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This is still my main blog, but I created a separate blog specifically for background art:

Cottage interior

This was the original color comp. 

Church on a Hill

A not so happy wedding reception- concept

Talula runs through the reception to deliver very bad news.

Initial Sketch

Talula's room- WIP

Here's what I decided on for colors.

Here is a perspective sketch of Talula's room... just added some tones

Mayor's Office

I'm in the process of sketching out all the environments from a short story some friends and I wrote. This is a  a sketch of a characters office. I'm sketching out 10 more then I will be picking the 5 most interesting ones and painting them as backgrounds.

WIP- waterfalls- update

I finally started to add some light to the piece. I am adding some highlights and rays of light peaking from behind the foreground trees to brighten things up more. The textures are also not done yet. Any other suggestions?  


Background Sketch and tones for  my next BG painting. 

Thumbnails- Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Ali Baba watches the thieves enter the cave of treasure.
 Inside the cave filled with heaps of treasure.
 Ali Baba's cabin near the woods, where he cuts wood to sell.

Cottage Background

Heres a color update, i desaturated it a lot.


Just an exercise I did for fun. Most of my speed paintings are done in black and white, so I tried a little color for a change.

sketchbook pages

Some marker compositions I did some time ago for a floating evil city and other random stuff.

A concept piece I created back in high school. I'm hoping to develop the concept into an animation. Oil Pastel on paper .10"x18"

Thumbnail sketches of Characters

Some thumbnails from my sketchbook from a year ago that I did for a king and queen character. I spent anywhere from about 10 to 30 seconds on each one.

More character Concepts

Here are some early concepts I did for the Belize story. This is the hero character and her daughter. As a group we decided that the mom looked way to young. I wanted to keep the designs fairly simple so that the characters could be easily animated in flash.

Here is a version of her looking a little older.

In the story our hero is transformed into a fish. Here is her fish form. I kept her eyes the same and tried to keep a lot of the shape language between her human form and fish form similar.
Here are how the characters look like in flash. They will probably go through more changes, but here they are so far. These are also not the final colors.

Sea King

This is a character concept I made for an underwater king type creature. I was inspired by some Sea Dragons that I saw at the Birch Aquarium. I thought they looked very calm and regal.

Here he is all colored and ready for flash.

Assets and Floating Island

I am in the process of building some paper sets. Here are some of the concepts I created in illustrator. These are asset concepts for a floating Island for a short film my friends and I are doing titled, Belize.
Here are some sketches I did before I started to design in Illustrator to get a feel for the type of lines I wanted to use for these particular designs.

Shape Style- Sea Creatures

These are some characters I designed in a specific shape style for an underwater animation I am in the process of finishing. The first fish is a drawing I copied from Secret of Kels, the animated film, to understand the shapes better. Then I based the rest of the fish on that style. The fish I drew were based on some fish I observed on a trip my friends and I took to the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla.

Ula's Locket- Random Doodles

Talula learns the sea maiden is not evil.
Ethan slams the bloody fish tail onto the mayors writing desk.
Ethan grabs the Soothsayer by the neck.
Talula waiting for Ethan to return.

My sister and kitty

I was sitting on my bed doing my homework and my kitty and sister passed out next to me. They didn't sleep very long before kitty started to beg for attention. Kitty is sporting the very trendy lion haircut.

16 hour flight

I can never get comfortable on a plane.

Thumbnail Sketches-

I was bored one night and I decided to take out my tablet and do some background sketches in photoshop. These were inspired by a story that some friends and I are in the process of finishing. It is a retelling of the Celtic story of the Sea Maiden.

More Sculpts- Work in Progress

Here are some work in progress pictures of some concept sculpts for one of my stories.

Here they are in all their glory without hair, clothes or proper fingers. Enjoy! haha

This is the Sea Maiden...


& Ethan