Project Labels

Oil paint, gold, and 3D paint on a wooden mirror. It is measures at about 3.5 ft. in Diameter.
My creature sculpts for Intro to Sculpture.
Created with chavant.

Brinks Storyboard

Storyboard idea for a Brinks commercial

Garnier Fructis commercial

The panels shows a woman who finishes washing her hair with Garnier. The woman walks through the jungle, seeing people struggle to slice fruit. The woman's hair is so strong that she slices through the fruit with her hair.
Oil on wooden triptych. Appoximately 4'x6'.This was a lot of fun to create.
See if you can find all the symbolism and
connections between each panel :]
I thought it would be funny to place Hellboy in my school. Could you imagine? 2B Pencil on Paper
Canon Rebel xsi
My cat Miyuki
I was painting to some of my favorite folk music.
Acrylic on butcher paper 2'x5'
I created this concept for my intro to sculpture class.
You can view the final Chavant piece in the sculpture section of my Blog.
Oil on canvas
A piece requested by a friend. She wanted Frida Kahlo and a Peacock to be incorporated. Mixed Media on a Skateboard Deck.

This was a gift for a friend.
Mixed Media and Wood Panels

Triptych when it is closed
Here it is openThe person in the background is not a part of the piece. It is actually my reflection from when I took the picture because part of the triptych is a mirror.
This was created during my first quarter, in observational drawing class. This is a drawing I did from a beautiful photograph, taken by Lithium Picnic. The model featured is Apnea. Drawn with 2B Pencil.
I needed some inspiration, so I decided to take a walk through my neighborhood canyon and take some close-up shots of plants. The fresh air was nice :)