Project Labels

This painting was an exercise to see if i could emulate another style. I chose to do a painting in the style of Disney's Alice in Wonderland. This was drawn with a chalk and round brush in Photoshop.

I definitely want to try another style soon. Any suggestions?

Background Thumbnails

Here are some thumbnail ideas I drew at a cafe and our local AAA. I am creating 3 backgrounds that can also be abstract portraits of some characters I've created. I am not even close to the direction for style that I want, but i'm sure after a few hundred thumbnails I'll get there. haha stay tuned...

More pics of Sea Maiden Sculpt

I found some better images of one of my Sea Maiden Sculpt. Here you can see her face a lot better (eyelashes, strands of hair, etc.) and some of the details within the seaweed. Click on the images to view the fulls size.

Speed Painting

I was gardening and I have a new obsession with trees. I am in the process of creating some of the creatures that live in these trees. Stay tuned! :)